History of Schmig Simmental Ranch


By Dennis Schmig


I started farming back in 1968.  After graduating from high school in 1962, I had worked in meat packing plants and also drove milk truck from 1968 through 1970.  Along with farming, I worked as an AI technician and eventually sold semen for an AI company for twenty five years. 


In 1971 my first wife and I moved onto the farm where I now live.  We had four children, Theresa, Denise, Nathan and Becky.  We divorced in 1977.


When I started farming, I bought commercial cows, mostly Shorthorn.  In the fifties and sixties we saw the major breeds, Hereford, Angus and the Shorthorn also, were going to the “belt buckle high” type of cattle.  I knew if we were to survive in the cattle business, we were going to need more pounds of beef to sell.


We then started using Charolais bulls in 1970 and even bought some purebred cows.  I started using AI in 1971 with Charolais and Simmental.  When we got our first half blood Simmentals in production, we went entirely to Simmental.  We didn’t join the American Simmental Association until 1975, so our ASA number

is 7100. 


The first bulls we sold were three-quarter bloods.  Since the consistency of the cattle improved as we increased the percentage, we have been all purebred and polled for a long time now.  We have both blacks and reds but are moving to almost all blacks.  At first we sold cattle private treaty and through the Farm Shows.  We had our first production sale in 1984 and have been holding our annual production sale at the ranch since 1997.


In January of 1982 I met Joanne and in July of that year we were married and I gained two more sons, Bob and Roy Boone.  Their father had passed away of MS in 1976.  Since our marriage, Joanne and I have been best friends and partners and I continue to run the ranch with help from time to time from family and great friends and neighbors who we help back and forth with working cattle, weaning, etc.